LA Diary: The Getty Center


Hey everyone!

Pulling these photos up from the archives, they were too pretty not to post! Amanda and I frequented the Getty Museum a while back and were impressed with the variety in art and beautiful outdoor spaces. Some of our favorites are posted above, I especially loved the room we were in the fourth photo of me and Amanda. Let us know what your favorites from the Getty are! Also, if any of you have any recommendations for museums around LA or SD, let us know! We’d love to visit them and we would appreciate it! Have a fantastic day,


April Highlights

Didn’t get to go to Coachella, but had a great month of April. I compiled a bunch of highlights from my short stay at home in San Francisco as well as adventures around Los Angeles. My definition of fun is somewhat lame because I basically just visit coffee shops and eat 24/7. I did end up driving north to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve where I saw stretches of poppies in full bloom. I picked up a couple vintage items at Melrose Trading Post as well. Location descriptions are in the video. It’s my first time doing this type of video, so let me know if you like it. Have a great beginning of May!


Shift Dress

img_0913img_0903ASOS boots, bag, and hat. F21 shift dress

This is a perfect outfit for a day of exploring. I wore this look while visiting the Getty Center, but I can see myself wearing it to brunch as well. While I usually stray away from color, I loved the muted orange-red enough to purchase this shift dress. Add on my classic black boots & felt hat and I was ready to conquer the day. Thanks for visiting and hope you’d enjoyed this short post!

When in LA Video

Apologies for the delay. I finally compiled a video from when Tiffany visited me in LA. Here are some featured locations which we will later dedicate separate blog posts for: The Getty Center, The Broad Museum, Santa Monica, Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore… Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the short video! -Amanda

Shot/ edited by Amanda

When in LA Pt.3- Oversized Green Jacket


Green jacket (Rizky’s), black hoodie (American Apparel), v neck (thrifted), jeans (Levi’s), boots (ASOS)

Hi all!

This last installment on my LA series features my trip to The Broad! Easily one of my favorite museums, The Broad features contemporary art pieces like this digital piece called “Hustle’n’Punch” by Takashi Murakami. I wore a very comfortable and warm outfit, as we waited a cool 90 minutes to enter this popular museum. I decided to pair a soft v neck tee with a black hoodie and an oversized thick green jacket. I stayed warm and neutral by wearing navy blue jeans and black chelsea boots, and also accessorized with my choker again. I highly recommend those in LA to check out The Broad, definitely a spot you won’t regret! I hope you all enjoyed this series, have a great week!



When in LA Pt. 2 – Denim x2




Boots (ASOS), Denim jacket (American Eagle), Jeans (Levi’s)

Hey all!

My second day in LA features a combo I was previously hesitant to wear; I feel that denim on denim can be tricky because it is either a hit or miss. I tried to not look like a uniform denim blob by contrasting my light oversized denim jacket with some dark navy jeans. I finished this industrial look by wearing my chelsea boots and a dark lip. I believe that denim jackets are such a staple clothing piece, they are compatible with virtually every outfit! Hope ya’ll have a good week! 




When in LA Pt. 1- Embroidered Bomber

img_0805img_0813img_0816Bomber, tee, boots (ASOS); jeans (Levi’s); choker (Forever 21)

Hey all!

This is first in a three part post series on my trip to LA to visit Amanda! This week’s post features my bomb embroidered bomber (lol), a deal I couldn’t pass up while I was online shopping at ASOS! I was drawn to the intricate peacock embroidery on the back and its vibrant colors. I wanted to complement this bold piece by wearing neutral components – black jeans, chelsea boots and a grey tee. I decided to accessorize by wearing a simple black and gold choker. To add another pop of color, I added a red lip. This was shot at The Getty Center in LA when I was visiting Amanda, I highly recommend this museum as their art pieces and views are incredible. Let me know if you all would like a Getty Center blog post! 🙂 


P.S. We’ll be alternating between my LA posts and Amanda’s Maui ones. Keep patient, they are coming! 

LA Diary: The Broad Museum

…And I’m back with another segment of “LA Diary featuring the Broad Museum. Since its opening last year in September, The Broad has been notorious for its massive standby lines. This past weekend, I’ve finally decided to brave the wait and was very impressed with all the exhibits. Below are some of my favorites:

“Tulips” by Jeff Koons, “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow: by Takashi Murakami in the background


“Balloon Dog” by Jeff Koons

IMG_8803“In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow: by Takashi MurakamiIMG_8797

“Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell” by John BaldessariIMG_8781

“Under the Table” by Robert TherrienIMG_8817

“Double America 2” by Glenn Ligon

IMG_8833outfit: all ASOS

Thanks for visiting and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of LA Diary!


5 things: The LA Perspective


It’s been a while since I’ve published a “5 things” post, so I’ve decided to compile five different photos featuring various points in Los Angeles.

Photo #1 is from last summer’s sailing trip in Marina del Rey, where we witnessed the most stunning sunset.

Photo #2 was taken from US Bank Tower, which will soon have a protruded observation deck that allows tourists and locals alike to get a glimpse of Downtown Los Angeles.

Photo #3 shows the last rays of sunlight from underneath the Santa Monica Pier.

Photo #4 features a delicious sushi dish from Tsuri, a well-acclaimed restaurant and bar located in Hollywood.

Photo #5 shows the popular but loved tourist trap-spot: Urban Lights at LACMA.

Thanks for visiting and hope you’d enjoyed this post! -Amanda


LA Diary: Santa Monica

Finally, here is a continuation of my LA Diary, a series to map out my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Today, I decided to focus on Santa Monica, a beachfront entity which I had to privilege to intern at this past summer. These photos were taken with my iphone, so excuse the different layout than our previous posts. Hope you enjoy! -Amanda

  1. Santa Monica Pier – Of course, who could visit Santa Monica without stopping by the pier? This place screams tourist trap, but the rides are fun, the atmosphere is fun, and the waves are fun. (Left: amusement area, Right: below the deck area)


Perfect place to watch the sunset. Also a fun fact: Ocean Park (pictured right), which is located on the other side of the pier, is far more quiet than its Santa Monica beach counterpart.


2. The New Santa Monica Place (left) – Located right at Third Street Promenade, it features stores ranging from Barneys to All Saints and 7 for All Mankind. Cheesecake Factory is also under construction and looking to open soon as well.

3. WeWork (right) – WeWork is a cool co-working place located at 520 Broadway. I had the opportunity to tour this place with my team when it first opened in July. Below is a picture of its open kitchen.


5. The Misfit Bar (left) – Love this place. Perfect when you want a quick but good meal. You can get its daily dish for $5 on weekdays via their Bar Fly lunch.

6. Pono Burger (right) – Organic beef burgers served in this antique looking container dining area. You can’t go wrong.


7. Hillstone (left) – Another delicious burger place. I highly recommend the California Burger and Thai Noodle Salad.

8. Sunny Blue (right) – Omusubi (Japanese rice balls) are served at Sunny Blue. You can select toppings and create your ideal ball.


9. Santa Monica Farmers Market (left) – This farmers market is the one to beat. Dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors locate here to sell fresh produce. Runs every Wednesday and Sunday.


Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for the next post of LA Diary!