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As promised, here is my Alaska post! I went on vacation with my family earlier this summer and visited the ports of Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway. We also visited Tracy Arm Fjord (first picture) and witnessed a massive glacier peeking out between two mountain tops! Alaska was very rural and had towns populating with 2,000 people or less – a stark contrast from growing up in the city! The pictures in this post are some of my favorites from the trip. Enjoy!





Back From Hiatus

Hello hello and sorry for the string of backlogged posts! Tiffany and I admit that we haven’t been putting our fullest efforts into Flying Neon Lights. We have kept our personal lives separate from our blog thus far, but we figured it was time to explain why often go for months missing at a time and/or release backlogged posts. While I am in SF this summer working in tech finance, Tiffany is in San Diego pursuing public health. Hence, super long hours dedicated to work and studies so we apologize for putting this on the back burner. That being said, we are going on a couple trips (Tiffany is going to Alaska as well as to Utah, and I’m going to Bejing + a number of short California road trips) so stay tuned for those posts!

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When in Maui Part 4: Stripes and Denim

img_2999_7img_2804img_2998American Eagle overalls, F21 crop top, ASOS watch and hat, necklace (Artist and Fleas), Nike shoes (not shown)

This is my last featured outfit from Maui. For a day of relaxing at a lavender farm, I opted to wear my denim overalls along with a striped crop top. Armed with my trusty cap and knapsack, it was the perfect look for exploring the nooks and crannies of Upcountry Maui. Hope you’d enjoyed all my outfits and thanks for visiting!


When in Maui Part 3: Understated Tropical


DSW sandals, H&M pants, ASOS watch, off the shoulder top (Taiwan), F21 crop top, leaf necklace (Artist & Fleas LA), hat (San Francisco boutique)

Decided to wear my wide leg pants once again, dressed down this time in tropical Hawaii. I wore an off the shoulder white top and threw on a straw hat for a day of exploration. To add some sparkle to my outfit, I opted for gold sandals. If you want to see a more polished look featuring my wide leg pants, check out the post here. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for my last Maui outfit post!


When in Maui Part 2: Black Athleisure

img_2675img_2678Nike shoes, ASOS pom pom shorts, cap, socks, h&m hoodie, rings (Artists and Fleas LA)

For a full hiking day in the Kapalua area of Maui, I opted to wear all black althleisure- a cap to protect my face from the sun and a hoodie to weather the winds. I love these sneakers not only because they are comfortable, but also because the pop of subtle neon adds volumes to an all-black outfit such as this. Thanks for visiting and keep your eyes peeled for more Maui outfit posts!


When In Maui Part #1: Isometric Romper

img_2372img_2374ASOS mules & cap, F21 romper, leaf necklace (Artists & Fleas LA)

As promised by Tiffany, up and coming are some summer appropriate outfits. I have 5 outfits that I dug from my Maui archives. I totally forgot to post them back in January, but at least the pairings are fitting for the  season. I practically lived in a romper/ sandals on my trip to Maui. This romper + mules combo was adequate as a beach coverup and transitioned well enough into dinners by the ocean. I love the isometric patterns of this romper and thought the print meshed well with the tropical vibes of Hawaii. Thanks for visiting and hope you’d enjoyed this post!




Hoodie and flannel (H&M), jeans (Levi’s), sneakers (Vans) 

Hi everyone! 

As in the previous post, apologies for the radio silence! It has been a hectic few weeks juggling school, work, and other aspects of our busy lives. We are back! In this post, I am wearing a gray thick hoodie with several bright embroidered patches on it. I thought it was a cute little pop of color and adds attitude in an overall neutral sweater. I decided to layer it with a navy blue flannel and wore a black pair of jeans and checkered vans to finish the look. Even though it’s summer, I am still able to wear this and still feel cold in San Francisco. I’ve always been into comfort, and this outfit is perfect for going out or simply relaxing at a friend’s house. We are going to be posting more summer-y outfits; stay tuned!