Portland Part 3: Fusion and Food Trucks

Finally, the last segment of my Portland series. Sorry for the delay and enjoy all the food.

Pok Pok

Ah, the quintessential representative restaurant in Portland. You may have heard of Pok Pok as it is famed for transforming from a street cart to a well-known restaurant brand with locations in Portland, New York, and Los Angeles. Prior to trying Pok Pok, I was doubtful whether it would live up to its hype. My meal at Pok Pok was nothing short of amazing, however, because the staff was attentive and gave suggestions on how to best taste each dish. Everything was so flavorful. We ordered the Fish Sauce Wings, Cha Ca “La Vong,” Khao Soi, and Khanom Jiin Naam Ngiaw.


The fish sauce wings are classic. The wings were so crisp and seasoned with the perfect amount of spices. It reminds me a bit of the chicken wings at San Tung in San Francisco. A must get at Pok Pok.

Cha Ca “La Vong” (pictured left) is its signature catfish marinated in rice. The fish had just the right amount of flavor and was very refreshing among meat dishes.

Khao Soi (pictured right) is its Thai curry noodle soup. We ordered the beef version and it was cooked just enough so that it was chewy but not too soft. The soup was the perfect dish to accompany the chilly weather in Portland.

Khanom Jiin Naam Ngiaw (not shown): I’m not a huge vermicelli fan, but this dish was supplemented with sauces that added more flavoring to the noodles. Although it was well-worth, I wished we got the papaya salad instead of the vermicelli.

28th & Division Street Cart-A-Palooza


We randomly stumbled upon this food truck area since it is located two blocks away from Pok Pok. Cart-A-Palooza is clean and the options here are endless. We came here at least 5x in two days, no kidding. From Hapa PDX, we got their tonkotsu ramen which served as the perfect lunch for a rainy day. My brother always bought the California Sushi Burrito at a nearby food truck as a snack. The Thai food truck, which served Pad Thai as well as Pineapple Fried Rice among their vast menu, was nothing short of generous at a reasonable price.



Nong’s Khao Man Gai

IMG_4878IMG_5058.JPGYou’ll probably look at the menu and wonder why this food cart is so popular. Their signature dish is chicken served as either light, dark, or a mix of the two along with seasoned rice. It’s so simple, but hits the spot since it reminds me of food carts in Asia.

Gyro Place

IMG_4394Located in the same Downtown food truck vicinity as Nong’s Khao Man Gai, Gyro Place is the top choice for Mediterranean and Egyptian food. The lines for this particular food cart are longer than nearby Mediterranean food competitors. I got the large chicken over rice and it was very flavorful. The chicken wasn’t dry and the hot sauces added the perfect touch. The only minor con was that the food took a while to prepare.

IMG_4867Along the same food cart block, we picked up an order of seafood paella. Although via photos the dish looking delicious, it *honestly* wasn’t. The seafood had a lingering frozen taste which made the paella seem not fresh.


IMG_5010I can safely say I am a coffee addict, so it was a no-brainer to stop by Stumptown for a morning coffee. I got the cold brew which I enjoyed, while my dad tried their chai tea latte.

Blue Star

IMG_4804IMG_5019Oh man was it a struggle to get donuts in Portland. The locals we encountered did not like Voodoo Donuts at all, stating it is “just donuts with cereal on top.” So we opted for Blue Star. We stopped by twice on our first day to get our share, but alas the location we visited was out. On our second day, we made it our mission to purchase some Blue Star so we called one of the stores and inquired for their peanut butter and jelly donuts. The jelly had a hint of spice and it was such a strange but addicting flavor. We tried their matcha one at their airport location as well.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream at Wizbangbar 

At Pine Street Market in Old Chinatown, there’s an ice cream shop called Wizbangbar which supplies Salt & Straw. I’ve had my fair share of Salt & Straw since there’s a location in Los Angeles, but my family never tried their ice cream before so it was high up on our eatery list. I got the Lucky Charms ice cream that didn’t really taste like Lucky Charms (which is good in my book since I don’t like overly sweet desserts). Definitely recommend as a pit stop if you’re in the area.


I was starving when I ordered a mushroom melt at the airport so I totally forgot to take a photo before scarfing down my sandwich. I did, ironically enough, take some footage which is in my vlog linked below:

Thanks for joining me as I traveled down memory lane! -Amanda

Rosy Moodiness


Off the shoulder top: Meraki, Jeans: thrifted, boots: ASOS, Floppy hat: gift, lip: Colourpop    Photography credit: Liz Yee

Hi all,

I hope you all are having a lovely week! This week’s outfit features a juxtaposition between femininity and masculinity. I paired a floral off the shoulder top with my black distressed boyfriend jeans. To feature my off the shoulder top, I wore my chelsea boots and black floppy hat and a dark purple lip to add a more neutral look. This was a perfect day to head to San Diego’s Little Italy district to visit their farmers market, highly recommend you check it out 🙂 Thank you for visiting, have a great week!




April Highlights

Didn’t get to go to Coachella, but had a great month of April. I compiled a bunch of highlights from my short stay at home in San Francisco as well as adventures around Los Angeles. My definition of fun is somewhat lame because I basically just visit coffee shops and eat 24/7. I did end up driving north to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve where I saw stretches of poppies in full bloom. I picked up a couple vintage items at Melrose Trading Post as well. Location descriptions are in the video. It’s my first time doing this type of video, so let me know if you like it. Have a great beginning of May!


Greater Portland Day 2: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Forest Park, and Mt. Tabor

Day 2 in Portland involved going to a handful of gardens and city parks.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

This year’s Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest fell between March 24th – April 30th. We visited the farm right at the beginning of the festival, which wasn’t the most optimal time since many of the tulips were still budding. Nevertheless, it was great to get away from the city and see the nearby vineyards and sprawling fields. You can catch the festival within the next few days until April 30th.

Note: do not be like ill-prepared me and wear your nice sneakers to Wooden Shoe. Rain boots are a must since the fields are wet from the constant Pacific Northwest rain.


Woodburn Premium Outlets 

We didn’t have any plans to go mall shopping while on vacation, but Woodburn Premium Outlets was so close to Wooden Shoe that it just made sense to stop by. Woodburn Premium Outlets is like any other outlet, but I couldn’t pass on no sales tax in Oregon (Los Angeles sadly has 8.75% sales tax & San Francisco has 8.5%). I bought a couple blouses and a North Face jacket (for $30!!!).

Forest Park 

Located 10 minutes away from Downtown Portland, Forest Park hugs the west side of the city and boasts roughly 70 miles of hiking trails. You’ll understand why it has to rain constantly after visiting Forest Park because the whole thing is filled with lush greenery. There are multiple entrances into Forest Park so keep the GPS at bay. We took the Wildwood Trail and stumped upon this mini waterfall shown below. Forest Park is definitely one of my fave gems in Portland.

IMG_4754IMG_4785.jpgPS: We also saw a beautiful view of Downtown Portland on the way to Forest Park and couldn’t help but stop by for a quick snap. IMG_4706.JPG

Mt. Tabor Park 

We visited Mt. Tabor the morning we left for the airport but I decided to cram it in this post. Visiting in the morning meant we encountered locals making their morning jogs. The view of downtown Portland is also nice from here. IMG_4862.JPGIMG_4830.JPGIMG_4854.jpgThanks for visiting and stay tuned for the last Portland segment which will feature food + drinks. Hold on tight because it’s a long one! -Amanda

Portland Day 1: Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, Clinton-Richmond District

As promised, this is part 2 of my travel series dedicated towards the Greater Portland area. I practically ate half the time while in Portland, so I will dedicate a separate post for food/ drinks. This post denotes the attractions I did on Day 1: Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, Powell Books, and Clinton- Richmond Area.

Multnomah Falls 

The quintessential Portland attraction goes to Multnomah Falls, located roughly 40 miles away from Downtown Portland. The drive is fairly easy and hugs the Colombia River, but a recent landslide left the easiest path unaccessible. No worries because a minor detour did not deter us away from this magnificent waterfall. My family and I completed the hiking trail at Multnomah and enjoyed looking at the greenery along the way.IMG_4344IMG_4372

Washington Park 

We also stopped another green area – Washington Park – in hopes to see the famed rose garden. Alas, there were no roses, but we saw lots of daffodils and mist blanketing the trees. There is also a nice Japanese Garden located in Washington Park. IMG_4443IMG_4411


This neighborhood became one of my favorite areas to visit while in Portland. We went to so many eateries in this area (Pok Pok & food trucks, which I will talk about in Part 4) and also popped into various shops. We went to Thicket, a garden shop on NE 23rd Avenue. There were so many cute plants and I couldn’t help but pick up a couple succulents for friends and family back home. Another great (& aesthetically pleasing) plant shop is Pistils Nursery, which is not shown here. IMG_4456IMG_4464

Many of the photogenic murals on Instagram are also located in this area. I loved these 2 shown below, which have cheesy but uplifting messages. Check out FFTTNW.com for more information about the artists and mission statement.


Powell Bookstore 

Powell Bookstore is a must stop when in Portland. There are a couple stores located in Portland, but we went to the flagship one on Burnside Street in Downtown Portland. It was so nice to grab a coffee and walk around the massive bookstore perusing books. There’s something so tangible about flipping through pages in this digital era.


If you want to view my trip via reel, take a look at this video here:

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for next week, where I will cover Day 2 of my Portland trip! -Amanda

Arizona Pt I: Sedona and the Grand Canyon

Hi everyone!

I have finally dug up photos from my archives during my trip to Arizona last winter. Please excuse the tardiness, but I really wanted share them with you! I was able to travel with friends around Arizona, and compiled some photos from places I thought were very scenic. This first post I curated consists of photos from Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Stay tuned for future installments, enjoy!



Sedona, AZ

Devils Bridge


Grand Canyon, Arizona 


Amanda and I will be alternating our travel posts, so stay tuned! 🙂 

Part 1 Video: Spring in Portland

I have so so much love for Portland and its surrounding area. My family and I visited from March 26th – 28th, and had the most memorable time eating from food trucks, chasing waterfalls, and perusing boutique shops. Click the icon above to watch my attempting at documenting this lovely place.

This video is part 1 of my Portland travel series. In Part 2, I will elaborate on my experiences and thoughts from Day 1 attractions. Likewise in Part 3, I will talk about Day 2. Part 4 will wrap up with my dining and eatery experiences.

Thanks for visiting! – Amanda