Suede Midi Skirt

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Tank (Hollister), Skirt (thrift piece), Boots (ASOS)

Hi all!

Today’s post features a thrift find – my suede midi skirt! I scored this skirt at a thrift store for $3.50 and was immediately thought of different ways to pair this versatile piece. In this outfit, I accented this skirt by pairing it with black neutrals – a black tank top and black booties. My alternative for shoes were my black vans for a more street look. As always, thanks for visiting! Have a great week! 




Beijing Travel Diary Pt. 1: Summer Palace

Decided to dedicate a sole post to the Summer Palace since it is, in my humble opinion, the best thing about Beijing. The Summer Palace is a Chinese imperial park and has a great blend of historical architecture and garden landscape. The park is huge, with 743 acres of land and over 3,000 royal structures. Tickets are 60 yuan (~ $9) which include all special exhibits. Below are some of the highlights:

Kunming Lake is my favorite part about the Summer Palace. Given the ‘dragon’ boat costed 20 yuan (~$3), it was a no brainer to ride across the lake. We saw different angles of important pavilions and bridges, including the Tower of Buddhist Incense and 17-arch bridge as shown below.
Longevity Hill was the first place we trekked up. This is mainly a secluded area where all temples are located.
Suzhou Market Street (Suzhoujie) houses over 60 shops and was one of my favorite things about the park as well. It is situated at the Black lake, and the sidewalks mimic the river streets in Suzhou, China. We ate lunch near lotus leaves here! An awesome painter who focuses on Chinese paintings is also located in Suzhou Market.
Every detail is so intricate: each and every pillar is well-maintained and it is #lookupseason for every ceiling (lol).
Here are the box seats where the royal family watched theater and plays in the past.
In many cases at the Summer Palace, you can see the elderly practice Chinese calligraphy using this water dispenser brush tool. Calligraphy is a dying art, so it was nice to see lots of people practicing on the floor.
Keep your eyes peeled for future Beijing posts since I still have so much more to cover. In the meantime, check out a vlog I made of Beijing!

Beijing Travel Diary: ‘Back to the Motherland’ Video

As mentioned in a prior post, I compiled a short travel vlog documenting my 1 week experience in Beijing, China. Going back to the motherland was truthfully such a cultural shock, as the customs and pace of life are vastly different from what I was accustomed to back home. But hey, I guess this is the dilemma of most Chinese-Americans growing up here in America?

Beijing has lots of traditional architecture, having been the official capital of China since the Ming Dynasty. Most tourist attractions literally look exactly the same, namely the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, since both places were homes for the royalty in the past. See if you can spot the similarities in the video above!

Stay tuned for more blog posts about Beijing, and enjoy!





Concrete Jungle (where dreams are made of…)

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Tee (gift – thanks Michelle!), Trench (gift – thanks Amanda!), Jeans – H&M, Boots – ASOS 


Today is the first day of fall so I thought it would be appropriate to feature a fall outfit :-). The struggle to take these photos were real as I kept slipping on the rocks – they’re higher than they look! For this outfit, I wanted to layer for SF’s ever-changing weather; I donned a simple striped tee, blue jeans, and added a pop of black color (lol) with my black booties and a trench coat. As always, this was shot in Golden Gate Park outside the De Young Museum – after 4 years of Flying Neon Lights, Amanda and I are realizing that this place offers limitless spaces to photograph. Stay tuned for more posts in our favorite area! Anyway, wishing you a fantastic weekend. Happy Friday! 



Eye of the Tiger


ASOS shoes, socks, hat, H&M bomber, shirt, Gap shorts, bag (gift)

Greetings from Beijing! WordPress surprisingly isn’t blocked off by the Great Firewall, which explains why I’m able to write from China. While visiting the Summer Palace, I donned my staple travel combo – white tee and jean shorts – but decided to whip out my tiger bomber to complete the look. I figured the jacket added much dimension against the gorgeous oriental hallways.

Keep your eyes peeled for Beijing posts, as I plan to cover both food and travel attractions. Expect a vlog soon as well.

Until then,





*Photography Credit to Alvin in 2nd and 3rd photo

Hi everyone!

This summer I visited Wonderspaces, an interactive pop up museum in San Diego. The exhibits were very aesthetically eye-catching, colorful, clever, and fun! Above are some of the exhibits, my favorite was the exhibit featured in the second photo, it was essentially a dark room with holes poking out where light streamed through. I thought it mimicked a starry night and enjoyed how the artist sought to replicate that natural phenomenon. Hope you enjoy the photos!



Warm Weather Wardrobe


Halter (Free People), Romper (ASOS), Choker (Forever 21),  Hat (gift – thanks Ashley!)

Hi everyone!

With summer coming to a close, I wanted to feature an actual summer outfit (haha). Fortunately, sunny San Diego permitted me to wear a romper, and I decided to accessorize with choker and hat! I also decided to add a pop of color with my halter top. I finished this outfit with black boots, however you can also switch it up by wearing sandals (which I should’ve, it was so hot!). Any way, have a fantastic week!