Concrete Jungle (where dreams are made of…)

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Tee (gift – thanks Michelle!), Trench (gift – thanks Amanda!), Jeans – H&M, Boots – ASOS 


Today is the first day of fall so I thought it would be appropriate to feature a fall outfit :-). The struggle to take these photos were real as I kept slipping on the rocks – they’re higher than they look! For this outfit, I wanted to layer for SF’s ever-changing weather; I donned a simple striped tee, blue jeans, and added a pop of black color (lol) with my black booties and a trench coat. As always, this was shot in Golden Gate Park outside the De Young Museum – after 4 years of Flying Neon Lights, Amanda and I are realizing that this place offers limitless spaces to photograph. Stay tuned for more posts in our favorite area! Anyway, wishing you a fantastic weekend. Happy Friday! 



Bell Sleeves + Florals

img_2237img_2254img_2234Kate Spade bag, Banana Republic boots, F21 skirt, tights, coat

Decided to bust out this understated floral piece (with oversized bell sleeves!) when visiting a rooftop garden in downtown San Francisco. I love strolling around the city when the seasons are in transition, as the air is cold and crisp but there’s a hint of spring. I dressed down this look by wearing tights and brown boots. Threw on my black coat for warmth, and I was ready to enjoy the views of downtown SF. Thanks for visiting and hope you’d enjoyed this outfit!


Trench Weather


Trench (Forever 21), flannel and scarf (H&M), jeans (Levi’s), boots (ASOS) 

 Hey all!

This week’s outfit was shot at Fort Point in San Francisco, an old military base during the Civil War era. To me and Amanda, Fort Point is also notorious for being incredibly cold and windy (well, to us San Franciscans it feels chilly). I tried to prepare for the inevitable by layering my thick trench coat over my flannel and topped it off with a heavy scarf. I covered my entire lower body by wearing jeans, fuzzy socks (not shown), and my go-to boots. Little did I know, I should’ve added another 3 layers because the wind and cold tore right through my outfit. Ugh, I’ll keep that in mind next time. Thanks for visiting ya’ll! 🙂




On Repeat

img_1994img_1965img_1972Nike sneakers, ASOS jeans & cap, Zara bomber jacket, H&M black blouse, Aeropostale sweatshirt, backpack (Amazon)

Perhaps my favorite items meshed into one outfit. I’ve been living in this Zara bomber since the day of purchase, and have worn my boyfriend jeans their fair share as well. Althleisure has been my favorite fashion trend as of yet, so I popped on my sneakers and a cap for a day of exploration at San Francisco’s Lovers Lane. Not to forget, happy 2017 everyone! Thank you for continuing our journey with us on Flying Neon Lights. We truly appreciate your support.



Ode to San Francisco: 1st video!

After three years of blogging, we finally have Flying Neon Lights’s first official video! Both of us have mulled for the longest time about posting vlogs/ videos on the blog. Well, we finally pulled the trigger and compiled footage of our favorite San Francisco places when our friend, Nancy, was visiting. This video is an ode to SF, our hometown and favorite city. We have featured our most frequented locations, which includes Turtle Hill, Sutro Baths, Golden Gate Park, Downtown SF, Clarion Alley, Fort Point, Lovers Lane, and Palace of Fine Arts. Click the video above and let us know your thoughts! We’re still shaky on our camerawork but we’ll attempt to improve in our next videos featuring Los Angeles and Maui. Thanks for visiting!


Amanda and Tiffany

Video edited/ shot by Amanda

Post-Fall Fall Post


Denim jacket (Rizky – American Eagle), scarf (gift), jeans (Levi’s), boots (ASOS), knapsack (Claires)

Hey everyone! 

Weather in San Francisco has always been pretty strange; hence this post’s title. This fall foliage happened well into the winter season, but it is never too late to take fall photos! Amanda and I shot this post at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco; the fall colors were gorgeous and perfect for my warm layered outfit. I layered my hefty denim jacket over my grey hoodie and added a printed scarf to keep me warm. I balanced these colors with black jeans and black chelsea boots, and threw on a brown knapsack to hold my valuables. For those of you that have been following us, you probably know that this is not the first time we shot in Japanese Tea Garden. However, it is the first time we saw so much beautiful fall foliage there. Pictures don’t do it justice, but we tried!

Have a wonderful week,


Hidden San Francisco Gems: Fort Point and Lovers Lane


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Hey all! 

For this week’s post, I wanted to showcase Fort Point and Lovers Lane, two essential yet hidden gems all visitors should see when in San Francisco. Located in the Presidio, these two places have roots dating back to the civil war. Fort Point was built during the mid 19th century as part of a defense system of forts planned for the protection of San Francisco Bay; this is the only fortification of the impressive antique military architecture known as “Third System” constructed west of the Mississippi River. More information about its rich history can be found here

Lover’s Lane is a hidden forest-y one mile trail that passes through a creek and enlisted men’s and officer’s houses during the 1930s. I find the story behind the name of this trail especially adoring, as U.S. soldiers used Lovers Lane to access the trolley line to visit their lovers and family in San Francisco during the late 1800s. More information about Lover’s Lane can be accessed here.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for getting through my history spiel! Fort Point and Lovers Lane are two of many reasons of why I love living in San Francisco; I enjoy learning about the histories of local attractions and landmarks. I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic Wednesday, thanks so much for visiting! 




Guest Blogger Michelle: 37.79° N, 122.39° W


Our good friend, Michelle, finally agreed on making an appearance on Flying Neon Lights! Read her blurb below for her outfit description:

“Hi everyone! You are probably wondering what 37.79° N, 122.39° W means. 37.79° N, 122.39° W are the coordinates for the city of San Francisco, which are also the symbols engraved on my necklace. I thought this would complement well with the scenery at Turtle Hill, a vantage point overlooking San Francisco from the Sunset District. For the casual outing at the 16th Street Steps, I decided to pair a floral top with basic denim wear and comfy birks. Thanks for visiting!” -Michelle

Blouse Basics


Blouse (H&M), Anorak jacket (Gap), Jeans (Levi’s), Boots (Amazon) 

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you probably recognized this background. Amanda and I shot this at the observation deck of the De Young Museum, overlooking Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I chose to photo shoot my outfit here because of its urban/city theme; I paired my featured plaid blouse with dark blue jeans, a green anorak and Chelsea boots. Thanks for visiting, happy hump day!

— Tiffany

Exploring Downtown San Francisco

Hi everyone! 

Recently, I went exploring downtown in San Francisco with Leanna, who is also one of our guest bloggers! To our surprise, we discovered many hidden public rooftop gardens, plazas, art statues, and buildings. I wanted to share with you our findings, most of which were tucked in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. Fortunately, Karl the Fog retreated and allowed San Francisco warm and sunny weather, so the views were even more spectacular. Hope you all enjoy these photos!

— Tiffany

<view from rooftop garden, 11 stories up>


<public art statue>


<interior of marble building>


<Crocker Galleria>


<financial district buildings>



<more rooftop garden views, 15 stories up>