Guest Blogger Michelle: 37.79° N, 122.39° W


Our good friend, Michelle, finally agreed on making an appearance on Flying Neon Lights! Read her blurb below for her outfit description:

“Hi everyone! You are probably wondering what 37.79° N, 122.39° W means. 37.79° N, 122.39° W are the coordinates for the city of San Francisco, which are also the symbols engraved on my necklace. I thought this would complement well with the scenery at Turtle Hill, a vantage point overlooking San Francisco from the Sunset District. For the casual outing at the 16th Street Steps, I decided to pair a floral top with basic denim wear and comfy birks. Thanks for visiting!” -Michelle

Double Denim on Denim

dsc_03661dsc_0230dsc_02491dsc_02462dsc_03722First guest (Donald): Distressed Denim Jacket (Levi’s), White Tee (Hans), Black jeans (Uniqlo), Nike Flyknit Racers Orca

Second guest (Rizky): Denim jacket (American Eagle), Tee (Mondaysuck), Jeans (Uniqlo), CDG x Converse sneakers

Hi everyone!

As you can probably tell, Amanda and I have been expanding this blog by deciding to feature more guest bloggers! Two of my good friends Donald and Rizky have decided to style the denim jacket; read on for their descriptions and styling of this timeless piece!  

— Tiffany

“Hi guys I’m Tiff’s friend Donald. It was kind’ve a coincidence that we were both wearing similar outfits because I didn’t meet up with everyone until later in the day. This picture is pretty representative of an everyday fit for me; I usually wear almost all monochrome, with one piece in an earth tone like olive, navy, or maroon sometimes so I don’t get bored. Caps have helped a lot with this, because I’m usually too lazy to do anything to my hair, which I’m trying to grow out in a topknot. My thought process going through my fits always starts inside layer to outside layer, matching each piece to whatever I already have on. I really like the denim jacket in these pics, I got it off grailed, a site for people to sell used clothing, already distressed for me and I was very lucky that it fit me the way I wanted it to. My racers also get a lot of wear from me since black and white are pretty easy to pair with most colors. Check out my blog at

— Donald   

Hey everyone, I’m Tiff’s good friend Rizky. I’m usually wearing sweaters and more casual clothing but I wanted to do something different. I decided to experiment with a denim on denim outfit. It was important that the two denim pieces were of different shades so that they would work compliment each other perfectly. To be more subtle with my outfit, I threw on a black tee with a simple graphic text along with my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment. I wanted to have a subtle outfit with the red heart on my shoes standing out. I think one thing to note is that a denim jacket is a simple piece of clothing that has a lot of versatility. Even though I don’t wear it as much as I should, I think everyone should own a piece in their arsenal. I don’t usually dress up like this but I was really feeling myself this day. Feel free to follow my blog at

— Rizky


First Male Guest Blogger – Nariman Piri


5-panel hat (Raised by Wolves) Shirt (Cav Empt) Jeans (Naked and Famous) Sneakers (Vans Syndicate x Jason Dill) Bomber (Sears) Watch (Seiko)

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a long time coming…Amanda and I are excited to feature our first male blogger! Nariman is a good friend of mine and we have been so excited to collaborate featuring his unique style; read on for a description of his outfit and inspirations!

— Tiffany

“Believe it or not, I used to exclusively wear Hawaiian shirts when I was in high school. I only recently started caring about looking more presentable, and paying more attention to clothes that I wear. As is evident by the images, I am a huge fan of patterns and interesting prints in many areas of my outfit. I feel that clothing helps build into first impressions, and so I choose clothing that I not only like, but represent my personality as well. As I continue to explore all the wonderful artists and brands that put out clothing, I hope to continue wearing things that are comfortable, durable, and aesthetically interesting.”

— Nariman

Guest Blogger #5 w/ Sam: LA Nights


Today, we have a very special guest blogger, my apartment mate Sam! She has a laidback, boho style which reflects her personality well. She just started a blog, so head over to A Garden of Gold to support her! (Click here!)-Amanda

“In the pictures above, my friends and I explored Melrose Avenue after having a sushi dinner. It was a pricey, yet quality restaurant called Tsuri, with amazing waiters, waitresses, and service. I put together a mix of summer/fall outfit with a loose look to it. To contrast the white top and light shoes, I decided to put on dark lips. Thanks for visiting!

Clothing: PacSun dress, Free People bralette, Forever 21 shorts, booties (Shoes for Less, Westwood LA, vintage bag (thrifted), gold bracelet (Forever 21), Marc Jacobs watch, “Grunge” by ColourPop”

Has it been 2 years? Happy Birthday, Flying Neon Lights

Has it already been 2 years? Just wanted to write this post to thank each and every one of you for checking into Flying Neon Lights on a weekly basis. We had so much fun expanding our blog this year, from bringing in guest bloggers to continuing our travels around the world. What initially started as a creative project has led us to take bigger challenges and enjoy life to its fullest. We hope to continue improving our work and bring better things to this blog in the future. For now, check out our favorite photos so far (click the hyperlinks to see respective posts) and Happy Birthday Flying Neon Lights.

-Amanda and Tiffany


Oahu, Hawaii Travel Diary: Part I, Part II, Part IIIIMG_5425IMG_5414IMG_4909IMG_5060California State FairIMG_0110San DiegoDSC_0483New Orleans Travel Diary: Part I, Part II, Part IIIIMG_0465 (2)IMG_0608 (2)IMG_0630 (2)Cozumel, Mexico Travel DiaryIMG_1191IMG_1165ROY G. BIY in New OrleansIMG_0707Muse in San FranciscoIMG_2064OUTFITS

The RomperIMG_2083Guest Blogger LeannaIMG_2303Floral JumpsuitIMG_1927Guest Blogger Nancyblog4Coral DressIMG_0027Guest Blogger JaneIMG_2943Paisley BlouseIMG_5655IMG_2710MinimalismIMG_2056New year, new resolutions, new anglesIMG_0070

Guest Blogger #3 Part 2: Leanna ft. Pocket Tee





Top: forever 21 Leggings: h&m Necklace: forever 21 Shoes: aldo

Hi all! 

Here is our guest blogger Leanna’s anticipated second post, which we shot on a bright and colorful rooftop garden in downtown San Francisco! Stay tuned for more guest bloggers and creative outfits! 

— Tiffany


 “Sf is notorious for 65 degree summers and breezy days so I always have to be strategic in what I wear – something light enough for the sun but warm enough for the wind. Today I picked out a plain white tee with an accent pocket and paired it with simple black leggings. To pull the look together, I chose black ankle booties and threw on some silver necklaces to add some bling. You can never go wrong with the simple, clean, black and white look. It’s classy – but without the effort. Thanks for checking in and I hope y’all are enjoying the rest of your summer!”

Guest Blogger #3 Part 1: Leanna ft. Sundress

img_0099-1img_00701 Sunglasses: forever 21, Backpack: (China), Dress: H&M, Necklace: forever 21, Shoes: Birkenstock

Hey everyone! This week I’d like to feature my good friend Leanna! With summer well underway, Leanna decided to feature a go-to and comfortable outfit for warm and sunny days. Her style reflects her optimism and down to earth personality; keep reading for her description and keep your eyes peeled for her second outfit!  — Tiffany ______________________________________________________________________ “Summer means shorts, crop tops, and dress weather! My personal favorites are dresses because they’re no fuss and you don’t have to match a top or bottom, plus they’re airy and light enough for the hot, sticky weather. I paired a cute floral dress with my white Birkenstocks for a day at the Cal State Fair. To hold everything I brought to the fair, I carried a small orange backpack. And of course, you can’t forget sunglasses! Thanks for checking in and I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather this week!”

Guest Blogger #2 Part 2: Nancy ft. Jersey




“Jersey: online at Crooks n Castles, Halter top: Fashion Q, Distress Jeans: Pac Sun *from my BFF: Tutu), Shoes: Vans, Hat: Zumiez, Watch: Michael Kors”

Hey everyone!

Featured is Nancy’s second outfit, read on for a short description! –Tiffany


“Hey y’all! feel like these two outfits reflect me the best… when I’m not wearing sweaters and adidas pants to classes that is. Edgy-Vintage and a little street sometimes never hurt nobody! I let my mood choose my outfits and vice versa. Go crazy with your outfits! “Look good, do well,” is what I always say. Thank you for reading!

A simple top with some distress jeans and vans are always a life savior for me with the jersey as a bonus! Of course don’t forget the street accessories necessities!”

Guest Blogger #2 Part 1 w/ Nancy: Denim Dress




blog10Dress: Tommy Hilfiger, Jacket: H&M *complimentary of T.C., Shoes: Closet, Hat and Necklace: Forever21, Watch: Geneve

Hey everyone!

I’ve had the pleasure to ask one of my close friends Nancy to feature some of her outfits here on Flying Neon Lights. Based in San Diego, her outfits reflect her unique and humorous personality; keep reading for Nancy’s style!

— Tiffany


Hey y’all! feel like these two outfits reflect me the best… when I’m not wearing sweaters and adidas pants to classes that is. Edgy-Vintage and a little street sometimes never hurt nobody! I let my mood choose my outfits and vice versa. Go crazy with your outfits! ‘Look good, do well,’ is what I always say. Thank you for reading! 

A vintage denim dress with platforms to complete the look! Perfect for exploring and adventures in the city! The necklace and hat comes in handy when you want to spice up the plain dress or protect your face from the sun!”