Beijing Travel Diary Pt. 3: Food

Hi everyone,

Here is the food segment of my Beijing Travel Series. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!



Beijing Roasted Duck 
The roasted duck in Beijing is different than the ones I’d tasted growing up; duck in China has all fat removed, which is a much healthier alternative. The wraps are also thinner than the bread I am accustomed to.
Kungpao Chicken
Sweet and savory chicken, with a slight spicy tinge. It’s the closest thing to orange chicken here in the states. Kungpao chicken contains chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers.
Mapo Tofu
Hailing from Sichuan province, Mapo tofu is spicy tofu drenched with red pepper sauce. There’s also minced beef mixed with the tofu.
Beef Noodle Soup 
Being such a noodle fanatic, I was so excited to see practically every restaurant serve beef noodle soup. The name indicates what is in it, there’s Chinese noodles, vegetables (bok choy), stewed beef, and beef broth.
Did you know Zhajiangmian (in Korean Jajangmyeon) originated in China? Zhajiangmian are noodles drenched in bean-based sauce. There’s actually an extensive Chinese-Korean history entwined with this dish: see the Facebook video below for more information
Night Markets 


Night markets are an integral part of Asian food culture. I went to the Wangfujing night market, which had different foods ranging from crab to sausages. Definitely check one out when you’re in the area!

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