Canyonlands Road Trip

Hi everyone! 

Over the summer, some friends and I packed our bags in a car and drove to Canyonlands National Park in Utah for a week long camping road trip! It was honestly one of the most challenging trips I’ve ever done – we hiked trails as long as 11 miles continuously for 8 hours, scaled down AND up a 1,400 foot mountain, and woke up before sunrise each day to tackle other various trails in over 100 degree heat! However, being sore, tired, and missing the comfort of my bed and shower was worth it for these spectacular, jaw-dropping views. Visiting these amazing sites has taught me to not take nature for granted and has encouraged me to appreciate the outdoors more. Take a look at these fantastic sights!



IMG_9039.JPGIMG_9061.JPGIMG_9101.JPGIMG_9540.JPGIMG_9421.JPGIMG_9692.JPGIMG_9693.JPGIMG_9696.JPGFullSizeRender (6).jpgIMG_9695.JPG

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