Greater Portland Day 2: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Forest Park, and Mt. Tabor

Day 2 in Portland involved going to a handful of gardens and city parks.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

This year’s Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest fell between March 24th – April 30th. We visited the farm right at the beginning of the festival, which wasn’t the most optimal time since many of the tulips were still budding. Nevertheless, it was great to get away from the city and see the nearby vineyards and sprawling fields. You can catch the festival within the next few days until April 30th.

Note: do not be like ill-prepared me and wear your nice sneakers to Wooden Shoe. Rain boots are a must since the fields are wet from the constant Pacific Northwest rain.


Woodburn Premium Outlets 

We didn’t have any plans to go mall shopping while on vacation, but Woodburn Premium Outlets was so close to Wooden Shoe that it just made sense to stop by. Woodburn Premium Outlets is like any other outlet, but I couldn’t pass on no sales tax in Oregon (Los Angeles sadly has 8.75% sales tax & San Francisco has 8.5%). I bought a couple blouses and a North Face jacket (for $30!!!).

Forest Park 

Located 10 minutes away from Downtown Portland, Forest Park hugs the west side of the city and boasts roughly 70 miles of hiking trails. You’ll understand why it has to rain constantly after visiting Forest Park because the whole thing is filled with lush greenery. There are multiple entrances into Forest Park so keep the GPS at bay. We took the Wildwood Trail and stumped upon this mini waterfall shown below. Forest Park is definitely one of my fave gems in Portland.

IMG_4754IMG_4785.jpgPS: We also saw a beautiful view of Downtown Portland on the way to Forest Park and couldn’t help but stop by for a quick snap. IMG_4706.JPG

Mt. Tabor Park 

We visited Mt. Tabor the morning we left for the airport but I decided to cram it in this post. Visiting in the morning meant we encountered locals making their morning jogs. The view of downtown Portland is also nice from here. IMG_4862.JPGIMG_4830.JPGIMG_4854.jpgThanks for visiting and stay tuned for the last Portland segment which will feature food + drinks. Hold on tight because it’s a long one! -Amanda


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