Portland Day 1: Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, Clinton-Richmond District

As promised, this is part 2 of my travel series dedicated towards the Greater Portland area. I practically ate half the time while in Portland, so I will dedicate a separate post for food/ drinks. This post denotes the attractions I did on Day 1: Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, Powell Books, and Clinton- Richmond Area.

Multnomah Falls 

The quintessential Portland attraction goes to Multnomah Falls, located roughly 40 miles away from Downtown Portland. The drive is fairly easy and hugs the Colombia River, but a recent landslide left the easiest path unaccessible. No worries because a minor detour did not deter us away from this magnificent waterfall. My family and I completed the hiking trail at Multnomah and enjoyed looking at the greenery along the way.IMG_4344IMG_4372

Washington Park 

We also stopped another green area – Washington Park – in hopes to see the famed rose garden. Alas, there were no roses, but we saw lots of daffodils and mist blanketing the trees. There is also a nice Japanese Garden located in Washington Park. IMG_4443IMG_4411


This neighborhood became one of my favorite areas to visit while in Portland. We went to so many eateries in this area (Pok Pok & food trucks, which I will talk about in Part 4) and also popped into various shops. We went to Thicket, a garden shop on NE 23rd Avenue. There were so many cute plants and I couldn’t help but pick up a couple succulents for friends and family back home. Another great (& aesthetically pleasing) plant shop is Pistils Nursery, which is not shown here. IMG_4456IMG_4464

Many of the photogenic murals on Instagram are also located in this area. I loved these 2 shown below, which have cheesy but uplifting messages. Check out FFTTNW.com for more information about the artists and mission statement.


Powell Bookstore 

Powell Bookstore is a must stop when in Portland. There are a couple stores located in Portland, but we went to the flagship one on Burnside Street in Downtown Portland. It was so nice to grab a coffee and walk around the massive bookstore perusing books. There’s something so tangible about flipping through pages in this digital era.


If you want to view my trip via reel, take a look at this video here:

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for next week, where I will cover Day 2 of my Portland trip! -Amanda


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