Part 1 Video: Spring in Portland

I have so so much love for Portland and its surrounding area. My family and I visited from March 26th – 28th, and had the most memorable time eating from food trucks, chasing waterfalls, and perusing boutique shops. Click the icon above to watch my attempting at documenting this lovely place.

This video is part 1 of my Portland travel series. In Part 2, I will elaborate on my experiences and thoughts from Day 1 attractions. Likewise in Part 3, I will talk about Day 2. Part 4 will wrap up with my dining and eatery experiences.

Thanks for visiting! – Amanda


2 thoughts on “Part 1 Video: Spring in Portland

  1. Very awesome! You really went to some of the best spots around here. I might have missed it in the video but did you get a chance to go to the waterfront to see the cherry blossoms?
    So glad you had a nice time over here. I love Portland and love discovering new places everyone once in a while 🙂 can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

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