When in LA Pt.3- Oversized Green Jacket


Green jacket (Rizky’s), black hoodie (American Apparel), v neck (thrifted), jeans (Levi’s), boots (ASOS)

Hi all!

This last installment on my LA series features my trip to The Broad! Easily one of my favorite museums, The Broad features contemporary art pieces like this digital piece called “Hustle’n’Punch” by Takashi Murakami. I wore a very comfortable and warm outfit, as we waited a cool 90 minutes to enter this popular museum. I decided to pair a soft v neck tee with a black hoodie and an oversized thick green jacket. I stayed warm and neutral by wearing navy blue jeans and black chelsea boots, and also accessorized with my choker again. I highly recommend those in LA to check out The Broad, definitely a spot you won’t regret! I hope you all enjoyed this series, have a great week!




2 thoughts on “When in LA Pt.3- Oversized Green Jacket

  1. I love Takashi Murakami’s work! I did a paper on his artwork style last semester for college! 😁
    So I totally love love love the background. And your outfit is just gorgeous! Love the choker.

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