Maui Travel Series: Kapalua and Honolua

Kapalua Coastal Trail

Even though it’s not really a hike, Kapalua Coastal Trail was by far my favorite trail because of its stunning views. The trail covers 1.7 miles, and hugs the coastline where you can witness the waves crashing onto the bedrock. The beaches along this coast are also beautiful- I’d spent my last day in Maui swimming in Kapalua Bay. img_2455img_2493img_2475


Honolua Bay is a great place to snorkel due to the gentle waves and clear waves, but because it rained that morning we’d visited, we couldn’t go into the waters. Nevertheless, it offers a beautiful view of the cliffs. However, the short 10-minute walk through the jungle was my favorite part. There were numerous tropical trees, wild chicken, and stray cats. I would say it’s an interesting experience!img_3920img_3943img_3958img_3944

Village Walking Trails

Although the views here are great, I’d wished I skipped this hike. There isn’t too much to see except the lake at the top of the trail (which has a family of ducks swimming around the waters). If you’re looking for great vantage points, avoid this trail. It is, however, a great place to workout and burn calories. img_4006

If you haven’t seen my Maui blog from December, check it out below! Our previous post which goes in detail about Road to Hana, South Shores, and Upcountry Maui is linked here. Thanks for visiting and keep your eyes peeled on the final segment documenting Maui’s delicious food.



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