Anti-Social Social Club


hat – Anti Social Social Club (stole from Rizky heh), top – H&M, jeans – Levi’s, sneakers – ASICS 

Hello all! 

This week features an outfit very fitting for foggy San Francisco! Walking around the city can be very tiring and sometimes painful, and these ASICS I recently bought are the perfect solution! We went rooftop hunting in the Financial District, and managed to see some spectacular views. (see last year’s post on this here) Today I wore a lace-up top (so into those right now) and paired them with dark blue jeans. I continued the comfortable and somewhat minimal theme with a black bomber and threw on a cap (courtesy of Rizky!). If ya’ll ever have time in San Francisco, be sure to check out some rooftop gardens, sometimes with views as high as 15 floors up. I’d be happy to provide a list 😉 Thanks for reading!




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