NYC Diary: Part II

During my first few days, I strived to check off my outdoor sweet spots due to the weather being forecasted as humid and rainy throughout the remainder of the trip. I was not only able to walk through the 1.45 mile-long elevated park called Highline, but also ventured across the bridge to view the Manhattan skyline at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Of course, a visit to New York isn’t complete without making pit stops at The Halal Guys and Shake Shack.

See Part I of my NYC Diary [here].

Tiffany will cover next week’s post but keep your eyes peeled for my NY Ootds.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge ParkIMG_9580Iconic view of Manhattan Bridge from Washington Ave.IMG_9599.jpgJane’s Carousel, located in Brooklyn Bridge ParkIMG_9740Union Square Greenmarket. Perfect place for doing some light grocery shopping. IMG_9569The HighlineIMG_9543.JPGIMG_9533.JPGShake ShackIMG_9590ChinatownIMG_9652The Halal Guys (only $7!!!)IMG_0276Grand Central Station IMG_9616Thanks for visiting!

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