Double Denim on Denim

dsc_03661dsc_0230dsc_02491dsc_02462dsc_03722First guest (Donald): Distressed Denim Jacket (Levi’s), White Tee (Hans), Black jeans (Uniqlo), Nike Flyknit Racers Orca

Second guest (Rizky): Denim jacket (American Eagle), Tee (Mondaysuck), Jeans (Uniqlo), CDG x Converse sneakers

Hi everyone!

As you can probably tell, Amanda and I have been expanding this blog by deciding to feature more guest bloggers! Two of my good friends Donald and Rizky have decided to style the denim jacket; read on for their descriptions and styling of this timeless piece!  

— Tiffany

“Hi guys I’m Tiff’s friend Donald. It was kind’ve a coincidence that we were both wearing similar outfits because I didn’t meet up with everyone until later in the day. This picture is pretty representative of an everyday fit for me; I usually wear almost all monochrome, with one piece in an earth tone like olive, navy, or maroon sometimes so I don’t get bored. Caps have helped a lot with this, because I’m usually too lazy to do anything to my hair, which I’m trying to grow out in a topknot. My thought process going through my fits always starts inside layer to outside layer, matching each piece to whatever I already have on. I really like the denim jacket in these pics, I got it off grailed, a site for people to sell used clothing, already distressed for me and I was very lucky that it fit me the way I wanted it to. My racers also get a lot of wear from me since black and white are pretty easy to pair with most colors. Check out my blog at

— Donald   

Hey everyone, I’m Tiff’s good friend Rizky. I’m usually wearing sweaters and more casual clothing but I wanted to do something different. I decided to experiment with a denim on denim outfit. It was important that the two denim pieces were of different shades so that they would work compliment each other perfectly. To be more subtle with my outfit, I threw on a black tee with a simple graphic text along with my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment. I wanted to have a subtle outfit with the red heart on my shoes standing out. I think one thing to note is that a denim jacket is a simple piece of clothing that has a lot of versatility. Even though I don’t wear it as much as I should, I think everyone should own a piece in their arsenal. I don’t usually dress up like this but I was really feeling myself this day. Feel free to follow my blog at

— Rizky



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