LA Diary: Santa Monica

Finally, here is a continuation of my LA Diary, a series to map out my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Today, I decided to focus on Santa Monica, a beachfront entity which I had to privilege to intern at this past summer. These photos were taken with my iphone, so excuse the different layout than our previous posts. Hope you enjoy! -Amanda

  1. Santa Monica Pier – Of course, who could visit Santa Monica without stopping by the pier? This place screams tourist trap, but the rides are fun, the atmosphere is fun, and the waves are fun. (Left: amusement area, Right: below the deck area)


Perfect place to watch the sunset. Also a fun fact: Ocean Park (pictured right), which is located on the other side of the pier, is far more quiet than its Santa Monica beach counterpart.


2. The New Santa Monica Place (left) – Located right at Third Street Promenade, it features stores ranging from Barneys to All Saints and 7 for All Mankind. Cheesecake Factory is also under construction and looking to open soon as well.

3. WeWork (right) – WeWork is a cool co-working place located at 520 Broadway. I had the opportunity to tour this place with my team when it first opened in July. Below is a picture of its open kitchen.


5. The Misfit Bar (left) – Love this place. Perfect when you want a quick but good meal. You can get its daily dish for $5 on weekdays via their Bar Fly lunch.

6. Pono Burger (right) – Organic beef burgers served in this antique looking container dining area. You can’t go wrong.


7. Hillstone (left) – Another delicious burger place. I highly recommend the California Burger and Thai Noodle Salad.

8. Sunny Blue (right) – Omusubi (Japanese rice balls) are served at Sunny Blue. You can select toppings and create your ideal ball.


9. Santa Monica Farmers Market (left) – This farmers market is the one to beat. Dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors locate here to sell fresh produce. Runs every Wednesday and Sunday.


Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for the next post of LA Diary!


2 thoughts on “LA Diary: Santa Monica

  1. WeWork looks like such an amazing place to work at! I have been meaning to get a tour there. And Misfit – have you guys had their sea salt chocolate chip cookies? Omg drool. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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