Guest Blogger Sam: The “Lazy” Go-To Outfit


Hi everyone,

My apartment-mate, Sam, makes an appearance on Flying Neon Lights once again! Read below for details regarding her casual “lazy” outfit. -Amanda

“To be honest, I put this together in 2 minutes after I woke up from sleeping for 12 hours. My apartment-mate, Amanda, and I went up to our roof during sunset for this shoot. I’m so so grateful to have such an amazing view where I live. Anyway, here’s a lazy, yet cozy fall outfit for you all. Perfect for any casual outing! I decided to wear neutral colors and a knitted sweater& socks…Since the look is very simple, I threw on a layered necklace to balance everything out. Thanks for visiting!”

Details below:

Clothing: Cream sweater (Shadys Closet), leggings (Lululemon), grey halter bralette (Demasque), brown heeled booties (Amazon)
Accessories: Layered necklace (Forever 21), knitted socks (Target), vintage bag (thrifted)


7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Sam: The “Lazy” Go-To Outfit

  1. Beautifully shot! Especially like how snug those leggings look on you. It’s hard to find a pair that fit perfectly! 😛

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