LA Diary: Silver Lake

Hi everyone and welcome to a new year of Flying Neon Lights! This is my first post for 2016. After living part-time in LA for a while, I’ve compiled a long stream of photos from my explorations around the city. Out of all the neighborhoods in this sprawling complex, I can definitely say that Silver Lake is ranked highly among my favorite areas. Silver Lake is a neighborhood located 5 miles northwest of Downtown, smacked between East Hollywood and Echo Park. It has revamped itself into a place full of music, culture, trends, diversity, and of course food. Below are some photos of the neighborhood. Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more postings regarding LA. -Amanda

1. A view of the Silver Lake Reservoir: The reservoir was constructed in 1907 by Herman Silver to support the needs of a growing LA population. 400,000 black “shade balls” were recently dumped into the Ivanhoe to reflect UV rays out of the water. IMG_1697

2. Sunset Junction: Arguably the most crowded area in the neighborhood. It is bustling with people visiting restaurants and boutiques.IMG_1742

3. succulents from a small shopIMG_1746

4. Silver Lake Farmers Market: It runs every Tuesday and Saturday and provides locals with fresh groceries for the week. There are a variety of vendors selling everything ranging from food, books, records, and vintage clothing. IMG_1755

5. Murals on Sunset Blvd. : One of my favorite things about Silver Lake. I was fortunate enough to witness street artists do their magic on a wall on Sunset Blvd. IMG_1770street artIMG_1766IMG_1696

6. Finishing off the day by watching the sunset near Silverlake.IMG_1728

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