Has it been 2 years? Happy Birthday, Flying Neon Lights

Has it already been 2 years? Just wanted to write this post to thank each and every one of you for checking into Flying Neon Lights on a weekly basis. We had so much fun expanding our blog this year, from bringing in guest bloggers to continuing our travels around the world. What initially started as a creative project has led us to take bigger challenges and enjoy life to its fullest. We hope to continue improving our work and bring better things to this blog in the future. For now, check out our favorite photos so far (click the hyperlinks to see respective posts) and Happy Birthday Flying Neon Lights.

-Amanda and Tiffany


Oahu, Hawaii Travel Diary: Part I, Part II, Part IIIIMG_5425IMG_5414IMG_4909IMG_5060California State FairIMG_0110San DiegoDSC_0483New Orleans Travel Diary: Part I, Part II, Part IIIIMG_0465 (2)IMG_0608 (2)IMG_0630 (2)Cozumel, Mexico Travel DiaryIMG_1191IMG_1165ROY G. BIY in New OrleansIMG_0707Muse in San FranciscoIMG_2064OUTFITS

The RomperIMG_2083Guest Blogger LeannaIMG_2303Floral JumpsuitIMG_1927Guest Blogger Nancyblog4Coral DressIMG_0027Guest Blogger JaneIMG_2943Paisley BlouseIMG_5655IMG_2710MinimalismIMG_2056New year, new resolutions, new anglesIMG_0070


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