Stairway to Turtle Hill

IMG_4333 IMG_4344 IMG_4361

jacket (thrifted), chiffon tee (Ross), jeans (Levi’s), booties (Macy’s), bag (gift), necklace (Payless)

Hey ya’ll!

This week, I ventured outside the usual Golden Gate Park to shoot and decided to visit the Moraga Steps. I wore a simple black chiffon tee, tan jacket, blue jeans and black booties. To spice up the outfit, I wore a black and gold flower themed necklace, which unintentionally matched the flowers on the stairway. Thanks for visiting, and have a good week! 

— Tiffany


8 thoughts on “Stairway to Turtle Hill

      1. We don’t have very many places like that around here. And the ones we do, are very hard to find. LOL
        But I absolutely love your photography, can’t wait to see more.

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