Oahu, Hawaii Travel Diary Part II

The 2nd segment of my Oahu Travel Diary. For more travel recommendations, check out my first post here. Enjoy!

1.Waimanolo Beach: I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when we visited this beach. The waters are turquoise blue and are untainted by the flux of tourism present in Honolulu. IMG_50602. Lanikai Beach: If you are looking for a local beach experience, Lanikai is the place to visit. Not only are the views breathtaking, the waters are also perfect for swimming and kayaking. IMG_5414IMG_54773. Lanikai Pillboxes Hike: The first 10 minutes were somewhat steep, but the hike itself is fairly short, only 30 minutes each way. The entrance is located near the Mid-Pacific Country Club. IMG_56064. Byodo-In TempleIMG_50925. Manoa Falls: Abundance of greenery and a rewarding waterfall at the end of the trail. Humid, but worth it.IMG_5961IMG_59236. Snorkeling at Hanauma BayIMG_58117. Seeing Oahu’s industrial side on top of Aloha TowerIMG_47548. Marukame’s Udon Shop: Our favorite restaurant in Hawaii. Cafeteria-style service, affordable, and unbelievably delicious. IMG_4688Don’t forget to try local fruits such as mangoes, pinapple, and papaya! IMG_46849. Sunset at Waikiki BeachIMG_4909Thanks for visiting and look forward to my final installment of my trip to Oahu.



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