Oahu, Hawaii Travel Diary: Part I (My Recommendations)

  1. See a sunrise at Lanikai Beach – As I mentioned in the previous weekly photo challenge post, my family and I woke up at 5 am to witness a sunrise at Lanikai Beach. We missed the sunrise, but were welcomed with vibrant colors in the sky. IMG_5405
  2. See a sunset on the Westside- The westside of Oahu is the ideal location to catch a last glimpse of the sun. We stopped by Shark’s Cove on the North Shore, but didn’t see much due to hindering clouds. We settled for Waikiki and weren’t disappointed. (Top: Waikiki Beach, Bottom: Shark’s Cove)IMG_4892IMG_5354
  3. Go Hiking – Oahu has over 50 trails that accommodate all skill-sets of hikers. My family and I hiked a different path every day on the island, conquering Koko Head, Lanikai Pillbox, Makapuu Trail, Moana Falls, and Diamond Head. My favorites are listed below.

The view of Makapuu Beach ParkIMG_5009Manoa Falls TrailIMG_6036 Lanikai Pillbox HikeIMG_56294. Drive along the Windward side – So many white sand beaches, palm trees, and mountains. Although the drive is only 30 minutes to the Eastside, it feels like a totally different world – one that lacks the pollution and tourists present at Waikiki. IMG_5205Byodo-In TempleIMG_5121

5. Try the food trucks at North Shore – I made it my mission to find good garlic shrimp and shaved ice in Hawaii. Garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s and shaved ice at Matsumoto tasted absolutely scrumptious. IMG_5215IMG_52106. Visit the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet – This is the place to buy all your souvenirs. Vendors sell everything from ukuleles and Hawaiian shirts to fresh fruits and guava butter. IMG_4700IMG_46927. See an aerial view of Honolulu – The 10th floor of the Aloha Tower is a lovely spot to catch a 360 degree view of Honolulu. It’s free and fairly unknown by most tourists! IMG_4749Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for another post of Hawaii that is coming in 2 weeks!


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