Two Thousand Fourteen: Recap of Photos

 How has time passed by so quickly? This year has been a period of major transformation, with the photo quality and layout of our blog altered dramatically. We thank each and every one of you for checking weekly into Flying Neon Lights and supporting our posts! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with loved ones, and as a final year-end treat, here’s a recap of 2014! See you all next year!

-Amanda and Tiffany

<Holiday spirit in Vancouver>1021891<San Francisco>


<SF sunsets>098 - Copy078 - Copy < Lake Shasta> 297 1<sundial bridge at Redding, CA>128

<London>595636 660<The Queen>1108

566 1<outfits>10575459_720592241330092_5793363990522031504_oTrip to Pluto 12910699701_720902391299077_5781949992875894865_o046078 - Copy10712385_720593114663338_4760265599203174455_oIMG_97170281559061Thanks for visiting!


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