flannel (Abercrombie and Fitch), hoodie (American Apparel), grey v-neck (Urban Outfitters), leggings (Aerie), boots (Topshop), beanie (Forever 21)

Hi everyone!

This week, Amanda and I headed over to our 2nd go-to spot at Turtle Hill. As winter is approaching, I decided to keep warm by layering my blue flannel over my grey hoodie and v-neck t-shirt. I kept my outfit casual by wearing leggings, brown boots, and a beanie. Funny enough, my outfit went along with my surroundings to give a lumberjack-esque look. To our delight, Amanda and I made it right on time to take advantage of the spectacular lighting and to try our hand at silhouette shots as the sun started to set. Once again, thanks for visiting, and I hope you guys have a fantastic week!

Happy holidays!

— Tiffany


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