Guide to San Francisco Part 3: Golden Gate Park

As promised, here is the last segment of my guide of San Francisco. This post is exclusively dedicated towards Golden Gate Park, which is probably the location Tiffany and I visit most often in SF. If you look closely, you can recognize the places we’ve photographed our fashion posts here.

1) Shakespeare Garden: A small, quaint garden. It caters to the more peaceful side of SF, and is a popular place for wedding and prom photos.


2) Music concourse: Features a range of notable museums: Academy of Sciences and De Young. In addition to excellent galleries and exhibits, both museums offer stunning rooftop views.

Academy of Sciences- seen from the top of De Young

001 (2)

De Young at dusk


3) Japanese Tea Garden: It is the oldest public Japanese garden in the U.S., offering a peaceful environment filled with cute bonsai trees and koi fish. Also has a tea house visitors can try.


4) Botanical Gardens: Plants in this garden are showcased from all over the world. I can recall plant collections from Africa, New Zealand, and the Mediterranean.

Trip to Pluto 086Trip to Pluto 080

5) Conservatory of Flowers: An indoor garden enclosed in a wooden, Victorian structured greenhouse. There are also tons of beautiful flowers in the outside surrounding areas, tended by the staff year-round.


6) Disc golf: A 18-hole game in the middle of Golden Gate Park that involves throwing a disc (or frisbee) into baskets strategically placed on the course. Played as if in golf, but with a disc instead. More info here.

Alas, this is the end of my 3 part “Guide to San Francisco” series. Thank you for reading!



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