Hood(ie) Life


10482000_720592717996711_7450202190152924897_o906693_720592731330043_7991812599946288114_oAmerican Apparel hoodie, H&M blue jacket, Banana Republic white tee, beanie (gift), American Eagle jeans, Macy’s black boots, Claires knapsack

Hello everyone!

This week features an essential yet underrated article of clothing: the hoodie! Hoodies are used as outerwear, to layer and provide warmth- which is vital when living in foggy San Francisco. I decided to layer my grey hoodie with an oversized blue jacket, black jeans and black boots. I wore a simple white tee and decided to match colors with my knitted beanie. This outfit is also very school appropriate, so I decided to wear my leather knapsack. Amanda and I shot this outfit against the vibrant colors of the mural in the background to add a pop of color to my pretty neutral outfit. Once again, thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic week!

— Tiffany


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