Guide to San Francisco Part 2

Part 2 of Guide to San Francisco is here!

1) Wood Line in the Presidio: Andy Goldsworthy designed this artistic park attraction here in the Presidio 4 years ago. He laid out eucalyptus trees on the ground to form a curvy line, that, in his words, “draws the place.” It is located near Lover’s Lane, a paved road where soldiers during the war walked on to meet their lovers.


2) Bernal Heights Park: Stunning views of San Francisco south of the Mission District. This area is almost always sunny, which is ironic because the photos posted below were captured on a foggy day. The hike up is approximately 10-15 minutes.


3) Lyon Street Steps: These steps offer gorgeous views of the Palace of Fine Arts dome and San Francisco Bay, and is a great place for people who want to burn off calories running up and down the steps. It is located right next to Pacific Heights and near the wealthiest families in SF, notably the Getty Family.


4) Union Square is the shopping center of the city but I actually enjoy the architecture and lights more than the shopping itself. Here is a picture I took back in January:


5) Yerba Buena Gardens: If shopping isn’t your cup of tea in downtown SF, you can walk a couple blocks and visit Yerba Buena Gardens. It contains a grassy area that is perfect for picnics, and has a bowling and ice skating center. Here are some photos of our picnic at this public garden.


6) Mount Davidson: Hello nature lovers, this is another great hiking spot! Mount Davidson features a giant cross, which is dedicated to the people who perished during the Armenian Genocide. The views of the city are great as well.


7) Pacific Catch Restaurant: Located at my favorite part of Sunset District (Irving and 9th), this place offers Asian fusion food. The natural lighting and interior design is super nice here too.


8) Andytown Coffee Roasters: The location is not too ideal (Outer Sunset Lawton and 43rd), but the scones and drinks here are great. I ordered a Snowy Plover and Soda Currant scone.IMG_9759

8) Manna: Good Korean food in the Inner Sunset


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my final installment of Guide to San Francisco featuring Golden Gate Park.



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