Happy Birthday Flying Neon Lights

Has it really been a year already? Today marks the one year anniversary of our blog, Flying Neon Lights. Boy have we improved since then. If you scroll back to our earlier posts, you can clearly see the poor lighting and blur in all our photos. (We also somehow justified the idea of photographing our outfits in front of a dumpster…see our first post, it’s slightly embarrassing) Thank you everyone for checking in every week and reading our blog! We appreciate it, and hope to create better content in the future. In the meantime, we compiled some of our favorite moments so far on the blog. Happy Birthday, Flying Neon Lights!

– Amanda and Tiffany




37914911500Tiffo's bday and downtown photoshoot 0331560469_609626065760044_617369891_n



<SF during golden hour>


<Northern California>

160 - Copy055 (2)131067

<Caribbean beaches>


Thank you for reading, everyone!


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