Ode to Summer: Guide to San Francisco Part 1

As summer has officially winded down, I’m taking the time to reflect on the places I’ve visited in SF over the past few months. Though I was born and raised here in San Francisco, it wasn’t until this summer that I have truly taken the time to throughly explore this diverse city. From hikes (with views) and trying out new restaurants, I definitely can say I’ve expanded my perspective of SF. Here is a guide to San Francisco through the lens of a native- told Part 1 in this post.


1) Fort Point National Historic Site is located right below the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It served as a coastal fortification during the Civil War, and is open to the public for free from Friday- Sunday. It is such a treat coming here because it isn’t an extremely well known attraction, even for SF natives. Secret: views of Golden Gate Bridge are the best from this place.


2) Grand View Park/ Turtle Hill: This elevated park is located right in the middle of residential Sunset District. You can see the Transamerica Building in the distance as well as Sutro Tower. The 16th Steps, which were designed by volunteers, are also located on the way to Grand View Park.

065 0641669634_720592767996706_3728848950062633623_o

3) Land’s End/ Sutro Bath: Sutro Baths was once a public bath, but now the ruins are for all to enjoy. If you walk up the trail a bit further, you can see the hidden labyrinth on the Land’s End hiking trail. Another view of the bridge can be seen here as well.


4) Clarion Alley Murals: These murals were already featured in Tiffany’s post  https://flyingneonlights.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/a-day-in-the-life-cupcakes-and-murals/ but I’ll talk about them here as well. This alley is full of murals illustrated with various patterns and shapes- addressing statements and thoughts of the Mission community.

010 (2)009

5) Twin Peaks- More grand landscape views overlooking the city. Unlike most vistas, however, Twin Peaks is accessible by car.


6) Coffee lovers-try out Philz. The mint mojito is a classic.


7) Off the Grid: Food trucks every Friday evening at Fort Mason. Kamikaze fries shown below.


Thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!



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