A day in the life: Treasure Island Flea

With the Treasure Island Flea Market happening this weekend on September 27th-28th, I thought I would dig up these photos from my previous flea experience. Tiffany and I visited this flea market last month and had an excellent time searching for prized items. The variety of goods provided is truly astounding; there are vendors selling vintage postcards, furniture, succulents, hats, old magazines, honey, cheesecake- anything, you name it, is there. It was a great way to venture out of the city for a few hours and also enjoy a stunning waterfront view of San Francisco. Below are some photos from our day!

succulents with dangling acorns


vintage DIY frames002

old prints

017 (2)

super dog friendly market


plethora of hats!038rummaging through vintage clothes055

Thank you for visiting and check out the Treasure Island Flea if you’re in the area! (There is a $3 entrance fee.)



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